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Midway Safety:


Inspection of amusement devices is the most important aspect of our Company. During the assembling of each ride, foremen carefully and visually inspect the ride. Once the set up is completed, State and City ride inspectors are sent by agencies to examine each ride and give their approval for its operation. Finally, our trained operators continue inspections with the checklists of preventive maintenance and daily operations for each ride. A NAARSO certified inspector and a RCMT are on site at all times.

The DO's of Ride Safety:
  • Do observe each ride before participating - make sure you and your child(ren) are comfortable with it.
  • Do look for the posted signs for certificate of operation.
  • Do read and obey all written and verbal warnings and instructions.
  • Do observe height and weight and other physical restrictions for each amusement ride.
    Do secure all clothing and personal possessions.
    Do fasten safety equipment such as seatbelts, lap bar or chain.
  • Do follow instructions of ride operators.
  • Do enter or dismount a ride only in the area instructed by ride operator.
  • Do keep hands, arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times.
  • Do watch the ride in operation before entering to make sure your child(ren) can ride it safely.
  • Do know your child's capabilities and limitations with regard to whether the ride is appropriate for them.
The DON'Ts of Ride Safety:
  • Don't enter an amusement ride without the supervision of the ride operator.
  • Don't endanger or injure yourself or others around you on the ride by behaving in a reckless
  • Don't throw any object from an amusement ride
  • Don't bring food or drinks on any amusement ride and no smoking.

Tommy’s Midway’s regulations, guidelines, and procedures are designed to assure a safe environment for our guests and employees. Tommy’s Midway would like to wish you a safe and fun day!

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