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Our Rides:


Tommy's Midway provides thrilling amusement rides our patrons.

** Height requirements are crucial to your safety as you enjoy your day at the carnival. The height, weight, and safety requirements and regulations are adopted from ride manufactures and state agencies in order to ensure the safety of patrons.


What is a carnival without the kiddies? Kiddie rides provide excitement and laughter for all the young ones of the carnival. Each ride offers children an extraordinary experience that will never be forgotten. The Kiddie Rides are suitable for patrons between the heights of 32” to 48.”

Big Top
Battle Tanks
Dragon Wagon
Elephant Dragons
Groovy Bus
Flying Fish
Jumpin Star
Kiddy Swing
Mini Enterprise
Samba Balloons
Super Trucks
Tea Cups

For the patrons that too big for Kiddie rides and too small for Spectacular rides, this is your category. But, do not be fooled, these Major rides are exhilarating and thrilling, designated for patrons over 48”.

Berry Go Round
Dizzy Dragons
Ferris Wheel
Fun Slide
Jitterbug Swings
Loop O Plane
Monkey Maze
Round Up
Sizzler Swinger    

The biggest thrill of the carnival is offered by our Spectacular rides. The rides are fast moving, twirling, turning, and spinning devices that will take your breath away. Spectacular rides are designed for patrons over 52”.

Rock O Plane
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